Subliminal Hypnosis

Subliminal Hypnosis: Something That You Probably Didn’t Know Earlier

In case if you can here looking for stuff relevant to Subliminal Hypnosis, then no issues. But if you got stuck up here and now you are going to read only to check that the site is good, then it is imperative that you first get the direct definition of the word. Subliminal Hypnosis is one of the ways in which a person can get hypnotized. However, the way this works is quite tricky than the other version of hypnosis. While there are still people, who do not believe in the process of hypnotism there are lots of evidence that prove the existence of the concept. So let’s get a little deeper.

What is hypnotism?

Hypnotism is a technique in which there are two people involved the administer, and the person going through the process. The administer need not have to be a person who is trained in the act. He can also be a doctor who reduces the trauma of the patients and get the patient to talk about the things that were a part of the hidden memory or that he wasn’t aware of earlier. So at basic level understanding, hypnotism is simply controlling the mind of a person. This can be done by anybody who understands the psychology of a person.

Does hypnotism exist?

This is one myth that is yet to be broken. Most people still believe that the concept of hypnotism is a folklore that existed in the pre-historic ages. Though there were arguments that stood for and against on the debates that broke on the existence of hypnotism, of lately scientific studies proved the existence of hypnotism, along with the evidence of how the hypnotist influenced people. This is when the theory of hypnotism was largely accepted by the people around the world.

So now that we know hypnotism does exist, let us see what Subliminal Hypnosis is.
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Subliminal Hypnosis

  • It is first important to employ the terminology at the right place. Most of the people including experts use the term ‘Subliminal Hypnosis’ in the wrong place. This is because they are still confused as to how hypnosis works. So let’s make it right
  • There are a lot of audio CDs available in the market. These podcasts contain series of motivational speeches. For example, an audio might focus on helping a drug addict recover from his addiction. This is what they call the Subliminal Hypnosis, but here begins the contradiction. The concept of Subliminal Hypnosis originated somewhere around the 1950s to 1960s. Dr.Milton who was a great clinical hypnotherapist founded the method of recreating a conversation that had already happened in the past and called it conversational hypnotism. This is what is otherwise known as Subliminal Hypnosis. The results of most of the conversational hypnosis were similar to that of the event that happened in the past.
  • So the next million dollar question that arises is, “then what are these audio CDs?’. We do not completely deny when they bring these audio CDs under the hypnotism category. They play a pivotal role in shaping the behavior of a person and can have deep psychological impacts. However, I differ when experts particularly call it Subliminal Hypnosis. This type of audio hypnotism is a combination of different types of psychological healing techniques.
  • So next time you use the term ‘Subliminal Hypnosis’ make sure you use it right.